Fine Dining and a Speakeasy in San Diego

If you know me, you know that I’m pretty much obsessed with food. Whether I’m making it, or eating it, it’s constantly on my mind. I guess the nice way to say it is that it’s my passion. Because I love some good food. Cue Nine-Ten.

This place is definitely the nicest place I have ever eaten. It was comfortable, but elegant and definitely gave off the “you’re going to spend a lot of money enjoying yourself” vibe. I was not disappointed, and I think my date would tell you the same.

We got the Three-Course Market Dinner with wine pairings. It was amazing.

A’s first course: Squid Ink Spaghettini (bay scallops, uni, chili flakes, lemon, cilantro flowers, uni emulsion). OMG I loved this. It was fishy and ocean-y in such a good way.


And mine was Lamb Tartare (black garlic, orange chili oil, pickled onion, cured egg yolk, masa cracker). It was amazing, and I don’t usually like lamb, but I decided to go out on a limb and get it – hey I’m on vacation and it’s a fancy restaurant! I really loved it.


Entree round: Braised Prime Beef Short Rib (roasted beets, chanterelle mushrooms, brussels sprouts, savoy cabbage puree fried brussels sprout leaves & horseradish beet vinaigrette). Yums.


But mine was WAY better. The server recommended this one: Steelhead Trout (hay roasted potatoes, baby shiitake mushrooms, leeks, preserved meyer lemon, nettle puree & almond milk emulsion). This was definitely the highlight of the meal. The sauces on the bottom were amazing and the fish was just perfect. Those little guys that look like olives are actually teeny tiny potatoes! How cute, right?


A’s dessert (which looked the LEAST appetizing to me) was the Oat Cake (blackberries, poached rhubarb, blackberry frozen yogurt). Meh…


Another suggestion, and most popular dessert at the restaurant, was my choice: the Half Baked Chocolate Cake (caramel sauce, whipped cream or vanilla ice cream). Oh. My. Lord. This was fantastic, and rich, and chocolaty… Heaven in my mouth. Seriously – best way to end the meal.


Good thing I wore a flowy shirt that night!

And I had to include this one just for fun! We got into this awesome little bar behind a bar called Noble Experiment. I had read about it on a BuzzFeed list of the bars you have to visit before you die. And we found this one! The bartenders behind the tiny bar (that only accommodated 35 people) were amazing. I just told her that I wanted a whiskey drink that wasn’t too sweet and she made me two different, flavorful, and creative drinks.

The first one was whiskey, honey, and lemon (like a hot toddy, except not hot). And the second one was the winner. It had whiskey and ginger – like REAL ginger. I don’t know what else was in it, but she garnished it with a piece of candied ginger.

I wish I had been able to get pictures of the drinks, but it was so dark in there! I did get this picture below, because that wall was the main source of light. Kinda creepy right? All those gold skulls, lining the entire wall… But it was so much fun.


I had an amazing trip – eating, drinking, beaching. Can’t wait until the next adventure!

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