Island Salmon with Chard and Marinated Beets


I went to the Thursday night market after work because I didn’t have anything to eat in the fridge. This time of year I’m guaranteed to get my favorites – chard and beets. It was a nice surprise to find some broccoli too! I snacked on that while I was cooking to hold me over. Also, take a look at that jar in the middle. Chunky. Almond. Butter. Can’t wait to eat it all!

Ok, time for dinner.

I started my prep work with a little dicing. Red onion, fennel, and the stems from my beautiful rainbow chard.

Also washed off the beets and threw them onto the stove to boil. They’re so cute!

Throw all the veggies on the stovetop; get those babies nice and softened up.


I knew I wanted to have some salmon (or that I HAD to have salmon because it was the only protein I had in the freezer). I remembered the island teriyaki sauce we used a couple weeks back for some skewers and decided to go Asian Island style with the meal.


I poured about a tablespoon of the marinade over the salmon and put in in my favorite appliance – the toaster oven! A quick 12-15 minutes later and it’s cooked to perfection.


By then, the beets were done. I poured out the boiling water and filled the pot with cold water to cool them enough to the touch. Once cool enough to handle, the skin comes off very easily… it’ll just slide right off if you rub them. Look at those beauties!


I sliced the beets up into small-bite-sized pieces and tossed them with a little rice vinegar, sesame seeds and salt and pepper.


Now that everything else is ready, it’s time to wilt the greens. I added a little more salt and pepper and about a tablespoon of soy sauce to keep the theme going.


Now comes the best part, putting it all together to eat! Bed of sauteed veggies and greens, salmon on top and beets on the side.


I ended up not having room on the plate (or my belly) for all the green. Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Oh well, put it in the fridge for tomorrow…


This was one of the better meals I’ve made in a while. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite 🙂


After watching the latest episode of 24, I was ready for some dessert. BROWNIE MUG CAKE? I think so…


I had been thinking about that chunky almond butter from the farmer’s market and knew it would be the perfect topping for the gooey brownie. And also dark chocolate and white chocolate chips, cuz duh.


My whole dinner and dessert were only 570 calories. You can still have all the good stuff and keep the fat/calories/junk out of your diet!

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